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Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

This case centres on the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Expansion Project (Trans Mountain) as a lens through which to learn about Canadian environmental assessment processes.

"Train of Hope, Frankfurt, Germany" by Stephan Dinges is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The 2015 European Refugee Crisis

In 2015, a record 1,005,504 asylum seekers and migrants reached Europe in search of security and a better future. That same year, almost 4,000 people went missing in the trajectory to Europe, with many presumed to have drowned in the Mediterranean. Fifty percent of people came from Syria, followed by Afghanistan and Iraq. Most people landed on the shores of Italy and Greece, while others trekked from Turkey, through the Balkan states, into Hungary. The majority of refugees and migrants aimed to go to northern and western Europe, particularly Germany and Sweden, where reception and support facilities were deemed to be better. These countries were already home to family and community members of the countries of origin, which asylum seekers hoped would facilitate integration.

The Canadian Government’s Response to the 2015 Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Canadian Government’s Response to the 2015 Syrian Refugee Crisis

The war in Syria broke out in March 2011, while many countries in the Middle East and North Africa experienced mass demonstrations and uprisings that became known as the Arab Spring. The protests in Syria were triggered by the arrest and torture of a group of students who put up anti-government graffiti. One of the students, a 13-year-old boy, was killed after having been tortured.